At Ascension Biomedical, our mission is to provide a higher level of quality and consistency in the cultivation of medical marijuana in the State of Ohio. We know patients are looking for naturally grown, meticulously maintained medical products. We are here to help.

We harvest and trim our premium line of products 100% by hand to preserve the vital terpenes and cannabinoids that make our offerings Medical Grade.

We have taken our products to a higher level of consistency.

About Ascension


Our standards here at Ascension Biomedical require our team to walk “A MILE”.


We require our team members to bring a positive attitude to work each day. We want a team that not only wants to be here, but loves to be here. We believe the attitude we exude in the building each day will reflect in our plants and products, which is all the more reason to keep it POSITIVE!

Mutual Respect

We require our team members to show respect for others, but also respect for themselves. This includes not just being professional and courteous to others, but also showing up as the best version of yourself out of respect for yourself and your team!


We require our team members to do what they are tasked to do, to do what they say they are going to do, to do it right the first time, to follow through until it is done correctly, and to remember that how we do ANYTHING is how we do EVERYTHING! No cutting corners here!


We require our team members to be loyal not just to the company, but to each other. This means coaching teammates on how we do things (the right way), uplifting team members instead of tearing them down, and holding each other accountable to drive the success of the entire team.


We require our team members to deliver higher level of quality and consistency in everything we do. Excellence in every task and in each facet of our processes, even the most trivial. How we do anything is how we do EVERYTHING! No cutting corners here!


Ascension Biomedical, as the purveyor of the Ascension brand, is a leading medical marijuana cultivator providing patients with a higher level product offering.

Our Founder has a background in business with law and a passion for small business. The inspiration to pursue medical marijuana as a treatment option came from watching his grandmother struggle with Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, chronic pain, glaucoma, and the eventual loss of the use of one eye as a result of medications she had been prescribed. Despite being initially skeptical of the medical benefits of marijuana his research and conversations with trusted medical doctors, medical professionals, and family members led him to rethink his position and embrace the benefits of medical marijuana for his grandmother’s conditions.

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About Ascension Shredded Buds

This personal experience was the motivation to get involved in the Ohio medical marijuana market: allowing him to ensure access to the highest quality, medical-grade marijuana not just for his grandmother, but all those seeking it.

At Ascension, we are committed to offering a diverse range of plant material with various terpenes to help patients manage their symptoms across the spectrum of marijuana-approved medical conditions in Ohio.

With an unwavering commitment to providing top-quality medical marijuana products to the patients in Ohio, Ascension intends to take this industry, this plant, and the benefits it provides to Ohio patients all to a HIGHER LEVEL!


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Genetic Selection

We start all of our genetics from seed. This helps us not only seek out the best phenotype of each strain we bring in, but it also helps us avoid any potential of a troubled past for that plant, including prior poor health, pests, or pesticide residuals. We get all of our seeds from well-known and reputable sources. We are very selective of the breeders we use, and seek out only the most qualified and renowned breeders.


Grow Methods

We cultivate our plants in hydroponic grow media (coco coir). We use high-quality nutrients from the most trusted names in the industry. We use beneficial insects instead of pesticides. We supplement with organics to aid the health of our plants, and their ability to naturally fight disease. We renew each mother plant every six months or less. We use LED lights and sustainable grow practices to minimize our footprint.


Shredding Process

Our Shredded Buds line of products uses a proprietary process to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, remove nonusable plant material, and keep the medical efficacy of our Shredded Buds every bit as potent and reliable as our Premium flower products. This is NOT the trim material you get from other cultivators as a shredded product.

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